Welcome to my blog/wiki/bliki/memex. It is currently formatted in Markdown, generated by Jekyll, built by and hosted on Netlify. You can also view it on GitHub. If you see room for improvement (even just a typo) please use the edit button above and submit a pull request.


Brief rundown of my blogging past:

  1. Geocities - My first page
  2. Twitter - Microblogging!
  3. Tumbler - So simple, yet little control
  4. Wordpress - More control and complexity
  5. Jekyll - Simplicity and control but a little bare
  6. Octopress - That looks niceā€¦ like every other hacker blog
  7. Jekyll generated and hosted on Github Pages - Editing on Github works but is a pain on mobile and no support for unsafe plugins
  8. Jekyll generated by Travis CI and hosted on Github Pages - More control but complicated and no HTTPS with custom domains
  9. Jekyll on Gitlab - It even includes its own CI! Sadly as of this writing custom domains are disabled due to a bug
  10. Jekyll on Netlify - Simple and one click HTTPS with a custom domain. Plus with Netlify CMS I can edit on mobile.

In the future you can find a step by step guide for setting up a blog/wiki like mine.